Primark ‘Splashproof’ Mascara – First Impressions

This is my first beauty post and definitely not going to be the last!! I am by no means a beauty guru , I don’t actually wear that much makeup and I have no idea how to actually contour but I like what I like and I plan to share those with you whether that’s month to month or week to week whenever the mood takes me. 

Mascara has always been a go to for my in my early teens mascara and lipgloss were the two things I’d never leave the house without and now at almost 26 that’s pretty much still the same! 

I like to wear waterproof as I have very watery natural and suffer from allergies! So naturally when i came across this one in good old primark at only £1.50 I just had to try!! 

The brush is a good decent size and coats the lashes well. It’s a true black mascara not wishy washy and it curls and lengthens quite nicely also it doesn’t clump the lashes together . I definitely can’t complain for the price of it.

+ Super blurry pic soz…. +

However, it does come off fairly easily but i suppose it does what it says on the tin about being splashproof not water proof and like  lot of mascaras it does flake and get in my eyes (that’s not a dig at it just the way it is) . 

I do like it though and is much better than some of it is more expensive competitors on the high street! 
Not really much else I can say about it ! Except go ahead and give it a try!! 

So yeah well done Primark! This is a good’un 🙂

Love Ellie 



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