Turning 26. 

So on Saturday 20th May 2017 it will be my 26th Birthday…and although it was last year that I turned a quarter of a century for some reason this year seems to be feel way more significant. 
I feel older in mind body and soul. 

My skin and hair has changed and I realise that I really am no longer that young fresh girl I once was. I noticed this last year too and did struggle with it up to fairly recently something just clicked and it wasn’t so much of a problem anymore. Acceptance I suppose. 

+Just me bare faced eczema lines bags that are obviously chanel 😀 +

We are almost half way through the year and I feel confident that this is definitely gonna be a year where it all changes again..

At age 26 I would have imagined myself to be probably exactly where I am right now maybe things in a slightly different order but you know the universe don’t give two shits about your plans lol 

My goals and determations for 2017 are doing quite nicely (there is a weird sort of satisfaction crossing items off a list) and I am for sure ready for the rest of the year and being 1 year closer to 30 😩 LoL

But I feel blessed and privileged to have had another year there are many who have not made it this far! 

So hears to another year older wiser and stronger ! 


Love Ellie x


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