Time is running out….

Recently I have become more aware that my time with Benjamin is so precious! 

I knew it of course when he was first born but thrown into parenthood for the first with no clue what you are doing, really takes away from the greatness of it all. 

Now with him off in September to join the big boys aka school I feel rather lost. 

Not lost in a I don’t know who I am or what I’m going to do kind of way but more like I’m losing my partner in crime and I want to spend as much time as possible exploring with him and stepping into his world more instead of being in my own bubble. 

He is my beautiful son my little boy although I know he won’t be forever.

He brings me a joy and fulfillment I know a lot of people don’t understand and has allowed me to know myself so deeply in a way I have never known before.

 I don’t know if this is all children or maybe it’s just his personality but he makes me feel so loved and special and to be honest is my best friend in this whole world , there are times he makes me cry with sadness and anger but oh with happiness is just the best. 

He is so wise beyond his years and I often forget he is only 4 , I value his opinion more than most and he will always tell me the truth

“Mumma those shoes are ugly…”

So Benjamin my promise to you is that we will make this summer before you start school epic!
 Let’s find bugs, hike, eat our smushed sandwiches and bruised apples on the grass, look for pictures in the clouds and climb trees! 

I love you little man forever 

Love Mumma xxxx


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