Who’s that girl?

I don’t know WHO I am , I know it sounds nuts but I’m going to be real from the get go! So I’m sorry if you were looking for a perfect blogger with all her shit together , you definitely came to the wrong place.

Because well …

I’m just Ellie, 25 year old mother to four year old Benjamin and almost wife to T (getting married this year , see first post!)

We are all born into the world with these ideas and expectations of who we are meant to be and what we believe we should be but only a handful of those know themselves so deeply that they could write a real bio about who they are.

If you want to know what music I like, clothing style I’m into , my thoughts on Motherhood and Parenthood in general and all manners of ramblings in between then by all means please stay enjoy this with me, it could be fun!

Peace Out Ellie x


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