Turning 26. 

So on Saturday 20th May 2017 it will be my 26th Birthday…and although it was last year that I turned a quarter of a century for some reason this year seems to be feel way more significant. 
I feel older in mind body and soul. 

My skin and hair has changed and I realise that I really am no longer that young fresh girl I once was. I noticed this last year too and did struggle with it up to fairly recently something just clicked and it wasn’t so much of a problem anymore. Acceptance I suppose. 

+Just me bare faced eczema lines bags that are obviously chanel 😀 +

We are almost half way through the year and I feel confident that this is definitely gonna be a year where it all changes again..

At age 26 I would have imagined myself to be probably exactly where I am right now maybe things in a slightly different order but you know the universe don’t give two shits about your plans lol 

My goals and determations for 2017 are doing quite nicely (there is a weird sort of satisfaction crossing items off a list) and I am for sure ready for the rest of the year and being 1 year closer to 30 😩 LoL

But I feel blessed and privileged to have had another year there are many who have not made it this far! 

So hears to another year older wiser and stronger ! 


Love Ellie x


Primark ‘Splashproof’ Mascara – First Impressions

This is my first beauty post and definitely not going to be the last!! I am by no means a beauty guru , I don’t actually wear that much makeup and I have no idea how to actually contour but I like what I like and I plan to share those with you whether that’s month to month or week to week whenever the mood takes me. 

Mascara has always been a go to for my in my early teens mascara and lipgloss were the two things I’d never leave the house without and now at almost 26 that’s pretty much still the same! 

I like to wear waterproof as I have very watery natural and suffer from allergies! So naturally when i came across this one in good old primark at only £1.50 I just had to try!! 

The brush is a good decent size and coats the lashes well. It’s a true black mascara not wishy washy and it curls and lengthens quite nicely also it doesn’t clump the lashes together . I definitely can’t complain for the price of it.

+ Super blurry pic soz…. +

However, it does come off fairly easily but i suppose it does what it says on the tin about being splashproof not water proof and like  lot of mascaras it does flake and get in my eyes (that’s not a dig at it just the way it is) . 

I do like it though and is much better than some of it is more expensive competitors on the high street! 
Not really much else I can say about it ! Except go ahead and give it a try!! 

So yeah well done Primark! This is a good’un 🙂

Love Ellie 


Mystery Blogger Award!

Wow i have been nominated for a blogger award that feels pretty cool I must admit.

Tiffys wild world nominated me , her blog is here http://www.tiffyswildworld.wordpress.com go check it out!

Cheers Tiff x

I always thought that the blogger awards were for the big wigs the Samantha Marias (beauty crush) and Louise Pentlands (sprinkle of glitter) so Id like to say thanks to Okoto Enigma for creating this award for the little guys and the really tiny ones like me for a chance to be noticed!!


  1. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  3. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  4. Answer the questions from the nominator
  5. Nominate 10-20 people
  6. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice
  8. Share a link to your best post(s)


  1. I’m a mum! I was told the other day that I look really young and not old enough to be a mother …. Hmm not sure if I am taking this as an insult or compliment yet.
  2. At age 25 almost 26 (my birthday is the 20th) I don’t know what career path I want to follow I toyed with being a chef for a while and partially trained in that , an adult social worker was out there for a bit and at the moment my heart seems to be calling me back to my childhood dream of being an accountant ..yup an accountant I have been counting money since the beginning according to mum.
  3. I am a sucker for any sort of period drama , I’m pretty sure I have been reincarnated from someone in the 1800s ….

My blog is still so new to the world and even to myself that I trying to find my place in it all and what I would like this to grow into but my post titled TIME IS RUNNING OUT is probably my favourite so far, I talk about my son and how much I have changed since becoming a mother and I think id like to steer this blog more towards the parenthood route but no airs and graces just the real shit that happens not what people show you on instagram!

Here’s the link


Questions asked by TIFF

Perfect Date ? – a gig in a cool pub or bar where we could get food and drink , chill out , chat and enjoy the music then walk home holding hands and have a kiss on the doorstep (cheesy much)

Favourite beauty hack ? Using apple cider vinegar to clarify hair when washing.

Favourite birthday ? I vaguely remember my 5th birthday I had it at McDonald’s in Thornton Heath it was amazing and I looked super cute in my denim dress and little creole earrings haha . As an adult though probably anyone of them since having my son and realising that if I was to go tomorrow I’ve made him! (Super soppy I know)

Last time on holiday – Last October my boys (fiancé & son) took a weeks trip to Butlins in Bognor Regis , it was great fun and the little man got to meet Mr Maker hahaha

If I could ive anywhere in the world and why ? – This is probably going to sound really lame but I’d probably just move to the English countryside I love the idea of me and my family being out away from the hustle and bustle of it all which huge spaces to roam and explore .

My Nominations:

I only know I handful of babes but these blogs are definitely some of the best things I am reading at the moment

  2. Katie’s Sanctuary
  3. This Little Mom
  4. Life with the Dowsets

these ladies are fab and definitely my inspiration!!

  1. JessLogic.weebly.com
  2. Belfastbelle.com
  3. Thetruthtea.com
  4. Theschoolrunstylesocial.co.uk

My Questions ? 

1. What made you start your blog?

2. Name something you want to achieve this year.

3. If you could only have one would it  a be Lipstick or Liquid Eyeliner ?

4. Yes or No

5. Name a TV show you are currently loving !


I enjoyed this !

Love Ellie



(Photo credit : Pinterest) 

It’s my birthday month yeasss! I’m excited but damn I’m almost 26!!! Wow 

The month has started off pretty good and I have planned to make sure I celebrate all month with lunch dates, coffee breaks , treats and chill days! 
Some goals I have been working are starting to come through now which is great and has motivated me to keep on going especially as a small disappointment kind of hit me but its good just keep swimming! 
Finally I have started putting together a May/Birthday Wishlist is that something you would like to see? 
Let me know x 

Time is running out….

Recently I have become more aware that my time with Benjamin is so precious! 

I knew it of course when he was first born but thrown into parenthood for the first with no clue what you are doing, really takes away from the greatness of it all. 

Now with him off in September to join the big boys aka school I feel rather lost. 

Not lost in a I don’t know who I am or what I’m going to do kind of way but more like I’m losing my partner in crime and I want to spend as much time as possible exploring with him and stepping into his world more instead of being in my own bubble. 

He is my beautiful son my little boy although I know he won’t be forever.

He brings me a joy and fulfillment I know a lot of people don’t understand and has allowed me to know myself so deeply in a way I have never known before.

 I don’t know if this is all children or maybe it’s just his personality but he makes me feel so loved and special and to be honest is my best friend in this whole world , there are times he makes me cry with sadness and anger but oh with happiness is just the best. 

He is so wise beyond his years and I often forget he is only 4 , I value his opinion more than most and he will always tell me the truth

“Mumma those shoes are ugly…”

So Benjamin my promise to you is that we will make this summer before you start school epic!
 Let’s find bugs, hike, eat our smushed sandwiches and bruised apples on the grass, look for pictures in the clouds and climb trees! 

I love you little man forever 

Love Mumma xxxx

My Weakness…..

Sore Throat Remedy! 

Ooh here comes the dreaded star sign comparison! 

But on this occasion it’s actually accurate. 

I am a taurus, a Taurean , the bull! 

Just like my mum and my nanny before her! Well our weakness is out neck and throats ! , You will always find me with a scarf on even in the blazing heat of summer (yes I am fully aware that I live in the UK, don’t you dare laugh at me!) 

When I get sick , my throat is the first place to be attacked and in my younger years I would suffer with throat infection after throat infection it sucked! 

So in my Early 20’s I decided to start looking after my throat and not jumping straight to the crappy medicines that do nothing except my taste sweet. 

I started drinking honey and lemon (fresh) religiously but every time I have a tingling of a sore throat coming on I make a hot drink of the following and it’s my swear by to help reduce inflammation , line the throat and maybe to certain degree kill some of bacteria that could be causing it.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to the doctors!  please seek out a professional opinion if you feel you need to as I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL

But this remedy helps ME for those days when you just feel a little scratchy. 

I don’t do measurements I’m afraid and everyone’s taste buds are different so you adjust it to whatever tastes good to you. 

+ Lemon 

+ Hot water 

+ Honey 

+ Cinnamon (just a dash)

+ Cayenne ( just a dash for a little fire) 

Also i would normally add 

+ Apple Cider Vinegar (just a splash) 

But I’ve run out so yeah…..

The ingredients sound weird but they help me and if I can pass this on and help someone else that would make my day! 
Let me know in the comments if you are going to/have tried it and what are your swear by remedies ! 
Love Ellie xx 

Nike Roshe Run….Worth the Hype? 

My first fashion review post, it’s pretty exciting !!

Yes I am ridiculously late on this band wagon but better late than never! These beauties are the Nike Roshe Run Premium in Gold Leaf . Retailing at £70 (I paid £35 , gotta love sale items! ) they are by no means an everyday purchase.
I have been eyeballing these for a while and finally decided to treat myself but honestly I’m not as blown away by them as I thought I’d be. Don’t get me wrong they are comfortable, although I’m not sure they are the best choice for those with a wide fit as these are rather narrow around the arch area which was surprising and also disappointing as I bought half a size bigger than what I normally take in a trainer as that’s all they had left and well I needed them..
The colour is beautiful vibrant and I love the quilted effect , they are definitely a great addition to my very monochrome wardrobe especially for Spring 2017

I can’t discredit the versatility and comfortability of the trainers but they just ain’t all that … or maybe just not for me ! At £35 sale price they are pretty good stylish and comfortable trainers but would I part with almost £100 for these nope no thank you.
I believe there is something better out there but I definitely want to style these trainers up for the blog so let me know below in the comments if you would like to see that!! 

Peace Out Ellie xx

Beautiful Blooms. 

The Winter to End. Spring it is your time!

Well this has been one long ass drawn out winter. A lot has happened good and bad but I’m done with it now! 

+ Taken in my garden, the first blooms of Spring 2017 +

This has become my favourite part of the year (I used to be a die hard winter girl). The time when the weather gets warmer, the sun stays out longer and the beautiful blooms begin to emerge it’s a reminder that nothing stays the same forever it may feel like it will always be cold and dark and wet but as the season change so do we and we can achieve anything if we have the determation to keep pushing forward! 

I have a list of determinations for this year and while I am not naive to the fact that things don’t often go as planned , I am going to do my damn hardest to complete this list!!

What are your determinations for the 2017? 

Leave me a comment below! 

Peace out Ellie xx

Band Tee Taboo?

 Slipknot, Guns n Roses , Nirvana, Slayer, Iron Maiden , Metallica and loads more! 

These rather epic bands apparently have sold out?  You can now find their band tees almost everywhere on your local high street.

Great exposure and advertising for the bands but how do their fans feel about it? And the age old question on their lips is…

“But do you even listen to them?”

The topic that is so taboo in the alternative (hate that term but can’t think of anything else to describe it) world.
The band tee or to be more specific the issue of band t-shirt  wearers who infact do not listen to (or have any clue who the band is on the t shirt that they are wearing) seems to be causing a lot of hostility in social media world!

This long standing beef is about to rear it ugly head again with the trend ‘grunge’ in the spotlight for 2017 it’s huge! 

Everywhere you turn from Primark to Topshop, River Island and everywhere in between you will find badass jeans and no fucks given tees with boots that could frankly break something

Fashion is there for everyone right? So why do we find ourselves grimasicing at Kardashians wearing Metallica t shirts or Gigi Hadid in a Slayer top? 

The designs are always insane and it gives our bands some pretty substantial promo!  of course if it isn’t black then we should just put it back and seriously oversized band tees are just like socially acceptable pyjama tops! 

Don’t get me wrong I was that person … Eyeliner flicked to the gods , ridiculous amounts of silver hanging out of my face and band tee galore (it was all I lived in and kind of still is)

 If the band has sold there name/brand/image etc to the big companies i.e Primark, Asos, Topshop who am I to push up my nose about it? times change and I mean if I can buy a Slayer t shirt with my trusty £3 leggings and potentially a candle all on the same receipt I’m down not proud!

 Bring it on! Let’s welcome these fashionista types into our world and educate them on the epicness of the bands they are promoting!!!

Roll on the era of Grunge (ish) 

Let me know what you think ? Which side of the fence do you sit? 
Peace Out Ellie x 

The Pretty Woman Vibe …..

After being engaged for almost 3 years (This May) T and I have finally set a date!

This year i can’t believe it 7/10/17! So naturally I’ve jumped in head first trying to plan this shindig and due to the relaxed vibe we want so far hasn’t been too difficult with one exception…. The Pretty Woman vibe.

If you have seen the film Pretty Woman you will be famililar with the attitude of the sales assisants in the shops she tried to buy dresses, bags , accessories and shoes from they were rude , snooty and presumptuous that she was unable to afford their products, she was well below par and quite frankly not worth their time (She was in fact a prostitiute but hey it was Julia Roberts and its beyond the point lol).

This unfortunately is something that i have been experiencing while trying to purchase wedding rings for T and I . The cold judgemental vibe that seems to follow me from place to place. With my pierced face and oversized parka I can fully appreciate why you would think that I couldn’t possibly buy anything in your establishment but what these retail assistants fail to grasps is that 9/10 the person who looks the part is full of shit and lives on a credit card and or in their overdraft so …

I will take my business elsewhere plan, my ass off to make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch and pray to some higher power that they do in fact “work on commision right” 😉

Peace Out Ellie. Xx