My Weakness…..

Sore Throat Remedy! 

Ooh here comes the dreaded star sign comparison! 

But on this occasion it’s actually accurate. 

I am a taurus, a Taurean , the bull! 

Just like my mum and my nanny before her! Well our weakness is out neck and throats ! , You will always find me with a scarf on even in the blazing heat of summer (yes I am fully aware that I live in the UK, don’t you dare laugh at me!) 

When I get sick , my throat is the first place to be attacked and in my younger years I would suffer with throat infection after throat infection it sucked! 

So in my Early 20’s I decided to start looking after my throat and not jumping straight to the crappy medicines that do nothing except my taste sweet. 

I started drinking honey and lemon (fresh) religiously but every time I have a tingling of a sore throat coming on I make a hot drink of the following and it’s my swear by to help reduce inflammation , line the throat and maybe to certain degree kill some of bacteria that could be causing it.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to the doctors!  please seek out a professional opinion if you feel you need to as I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL

But this remedy helps ME for those days when you just feel a little scratchy. 

I don’t do measurements I’m afraid and everyone’s taste buds are different so you adjust it to whatever tastes good to you. 

+ Lemon 

+ Hot water 

+ Honey 

+ Cinnamon (just a dash)

+ Cayenne ( just a dash for a little fire) 

Also i would normally add 

+ Apple Cider Vinegar (just a splash) 

But I’ve run out so yeah…..

The ingredients sound weird but they help me and if I can pass this on and help someone else that would make my day! 
Let me know in the comments if you are going to/have tried it and what are your swear by remedies ! 
Love Ellie xx 


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