The Pretty Woman Vibe …..

After being engaged for almost 3 years (This May) T and I have finally set a date!

This year i can’t believe it 7/10/17! So naturally I’ve jumped in head first trying to plan this shindig and due to the relaxed vibe we want so far hasn’t been too difficult with one exception…. The Pretty Woman vibe.

If you have seen the film Pretty Woman you will be famililar with the attitude of the sales assisants in the shops she tried to buy dresses, bags , accessories and shoes from they were rude , snooty and presumptuous that she was unable to afford their products, she was well below par and quite frankly not worth their time (She was in fact a prostitiute but hey it was Julia Roberts and its beyond the point lol).

This unfortunately is something that i have been experiencing while trying to purchase wedding rings for T and I . The cold judgemental vibe that seems to follow me from place to place. With my pierced face and oversized parka I can fully appreciate why you would think that I couldn’t possibly buy anything in your establishment but what these retail assistants fail to grasps is that 9/10 the person who looks the part is full of shit and lives on a credit card and or in their overdraft so …

I will take my business elsewhere plan, my ass off to make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch and pray to some higher power that they do in fact “work on commision right” 😉

Peace Out Ellie. Xx


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