Band Tee Taboo?

 Slipknot, Guns n Roses , Nirvana, Slayer, Iron Maiden , Metallica and loads more! 

These rather epic bands apparently have sold out?  You can now find their band tees almost everywhere on your local high street.

Great exposure and advertising for the bands but how do their fans feel about it? And the age old question on their lips is…

“But do you even listen to them?”

The topic that is so taboo in the alternative (hate that term but can’t think of anything else to describe it) world.
The band tee or to be more specific the issue of band t-shirt  wearers who infact do not listen to (or have any clue who the band is on the t shirt that they are wearing) seems to be causing a lot of hostility in social media world!

This long standing beef is about to rear it ugly head again with the trend ‘grunge’ in the spotlight for 2017 it’s huge! 

Everywhere you turn from Primark to Topshop, River Island and everywhere in between you will find badass jeans and no fucks given tees with boots that could frankly break something

Fashion is there for everyone right? So why do we find ourselves grimasicing at Kardashians wearing Metallica t shirts or Gigi Hadid in a Slayer top? 

The designs are always insane and it gives our bands some pretty substantial promo!  of course if it isn’t black then we should just put it back and seriously oversized band tees are just like socially acceptable pyjama tops! 

Don’t get me wrong I was that person … Eyeliner flicked to the gods , ridiculous amounts of silver hanging out of my face and band tee galore (it was all I lived in and kind of still is)

 If the band has sold there name/brand/image etc to the big companies i.e Primark, Asos, Topshop who am I to push up my nose about it? times change and I mean if I can buy a Slayer t shirt with my trusty £3 leggings and potentially a candle all on the same receipt I’m down not proud!

 Bring it on! Let’s welcome these fashionista types into our world and educate them on the epicness of the bands they are promoting!!!

Roll on the era of Grunge (ish) 

Let me know what you think ? Which side of the fence do you sit? 
Peace Out Ellie x 


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